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  • Embassy of Finland, Beijing
    Tel. +86-10-8519 8300,
  • Consulate General of Finland, Shanghai
    Tel. +86 21 5292 9900,
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Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai celebrating the 20 years anniversary

20v-logoAs one of the first Western countries establishing diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, Finland celebrated the 65th anniversary of the friendship with China during the last year. Under the theme, a series of activities in the field of commerce, technology, culture and art were successfully organized.This year, the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai will celebrate its 20th year of operation in Shanghai and the surrounding provinces. More...

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

Kiinalainen uusivuosi - apina - pieniThe Embassy of Finland in Beijing is closed on Monday 8 February and the visa section closed from Monday (8 Feb) to Wednesday (10 Feb). The Consulate General in Shanghai is closed from 8 Feb to 10 Feb and will return for operation on the Thursday (11 Feb). More...

Key theme of the new This is FINLAND Magazine: Wise use of resources

From now on, This is FINLAND is the new name of the annual English-language publication which, since 2003, carried the name Focus on Finland. Published in the collaborative spirit of Team Finland by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Sitra, Invest in Finland/Finpro and Finnfacts, the magazine will now become a more integral part of Finland’s country-branding efforts on the internet and in social media. More...

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